Blocked access to invalid host


I am working with a Free Kemp LB behind a single public IP address. I am wanting to use ESP for one of my sites [lets say the VS is set to port 444] . The site balances perfectly without ESP, but once I enable it I receive a 403 and the logs show "Blocked access to invalid host VIP:444 from to VIP:444"
I followed this guide: and substituted 443 for 444 but am still seeing the errors in the logs and am unable to connect.
I am not sure that the header is actually being replaced, is there a log I can check for that?
Is there any recommendations on how to solve this problem? I will need to add a second VIP on lets say port 4444 as well.

I tried to add VIP:444 to the Allowed Virtual Hosts but it appears that port numbers are not allowed in that field.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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UPDATE: I was able to solve this issue myself by creating a sub VS and applying the rule to the root level VS. The root level VS required ESP to be disabled and than enabled on the sub VS.