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Hi everyone,

What does the following exactly mean:
50 Transactions Per Second (TPS) 2K SSL keys

I have a exchange environment which I would like to test this package on.
Does this mean I can only connect 50 mail user total?

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Derek Kiely Official comment

50 TPS actually means NEW SSL Transactions per second. Existing are not counted but will use up resources on the device. Depending on client/browser the number of connections to display a webpage will vary. For some pages such as OWA it may vary between 4 and 8 transactions or TPS to display a page. Hence the number of users would be smaller if they all need to be able to connect within the same second.

Christian Scheller

The restriction means that you cannot have more than 50 SSL transactions per second. So in an Exchange scenario, where connections are being kept alive throughout the session, the 51st user would not be able to connect. So your assumption is correct. In addition, all connections are limited to a maximum of 20Mbps.

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