Different VM´s in Different Cluster with IP Range Selection



i have a question about the IP Range Selection.

My Situation:

-I have 6 Vm´s with different IP´s

-I want to have 3 Vm´s in Cluster A, and 3 Vm´s in Cluster B

-In this cluster Loadbalancer should make a normal Round Robin


But now i want that IP´s with 192... ... 22 go to cluster A

and IP´s with 192 ... ... 23 go to cluster B


How can i make this?


many greetings


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Mark Deegan


The first thing to do is to make a VIP with 2 Sub-VS's. Put your real servers for group A in the first sub VS and the real servers for group B in the second sub VS. Enable content matching on the parent VS. Create 2 rules based on the source IP and apply them to the different sub-VS's

See this link for info on setting up the content rules