ECP session timed out when accessed from internal network



I have a VLM-200 to load balance Client Access traffic to my Exchange 2010 environment.

Before we deployed our Kemp loadbalancer we were using Microsofts software loadbalancer. Back then i could access ECP via OWA without being prompted for credentials. When I do this now when we switched to a Kemp Loadbalancer i receive following message: (Translated from danish) "Your session is expired. To protect your account from unauthorized access, the access to your mailbox is closed after a period without activity. Insert your username and pasword again." After inserting credentials again i receive the same message. The strange thing is that this works from external networks. I use the same URLs for both internal and external access. I have configured the loadbalancer for SSL offloading.

Thanks in advance

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Christian Scheller

You might have to add the OWA/ECP page to the list of trusted sites so the cookie would be used for ECP as well. In addition, the ESP default setting is to issue temporary cookies, so you might have to switch to permanent too.


Also make sure that OWA and ECP are set to leverage the same authentication method.


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