Internet Calendar Publishing through KEMP Loadmaster already configured to use Forms Authentication for OWA


I am currently using KEMP Loadmasters using ESP and Forms Authentications for Outlook Web App on Exchange 2010 SP3.  I received a request to allow Exchange Internet Calendar Publishing that lets users share their Exchange mailbox calendar with the public on the Internet by offering an URL to the calendar that begins with the OWA address.  The link will take the form similar to this:

Exchange 2010 makes this possible by offering anonymous authentication on the Calendar IIS virtual directory on the CAS Servers.  I configured this but when you click on the link it directs you to the OWA address that obviously takes you to the KEMP's using ESP that asks you to login using Forms authentication.  Can the KEMPs be configured to allow Internet Calendar Publishing with anonymous authentication while still enforcing Forms authentication with ESP for regular OWA access with the same OWA IP address?

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Create a SubVSs for Exchange_Calendar, disable ESP and add the Real Servers

As content rule assign the following settings:
Name             Match Type     Options          Pattern     
Calendar_Rule     RegEx         Ignore Case           /^\/owa/calendar/.*

Be sure, that you move under Rules & Chcking --> Content Rules the "Calendar_Rule" before the /^\/owa.*/ rule.

Worked like a charme for us,