Kemp VLM Requirements for ADFS


I am designing an ADFS solution for Office 365 where we will have 300-500 users on Office 365 and use Kemp VLM for load balancing ADFS.  I am considering having the Kemp VLM proxy connections to 2 internal ADFS 3.0 servers.  My question is will the VLM-200 be sufficient for this type of workload (assuming no other NLB workloads) or will I require VLM-2000.

I do not think it will be needed for the higher throughput as it is just authentication claims but I don't know if the session limits for the VLM-200 will be too low and there is a significant cost difference.

Is there any sizing guidance that someone can recommend?

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Mark Deegan


The LM 200 should be capable of handling these connections without any issue. If you are balancing other services at the same time things get a little more complex. for instance if exchange is balanced in house through the VLM-200 as well this might exceed the capacity of the unit. We currently do not have a sizing guide for the ADFS but we do have one for Exchange.

If it was only 500 users in exchange then the VLM-200 is fine, but if you add another 500 users for adfs you are now doing more SSL transactions per second than the unit is capable of. 

If you require more detail we could setup a discussion with a pre-sales engineer to assist with your needs.