WebUI certificate expired


Apparently the public certificate we use for our webui on our vlm-200 has expired/got revoked and we can't use the webui anymore.
The console option is pretty limited in regards to cli so my question is..

To revert the webui back to a self-signed cert or to reassign it - I'm assuming the process I need to follow would be:
Backup config,
Destroy machine/create a new machine from template,
Try and remember as much config as possible to avoid redoing it again,
Redo certificates used for services to make sure the restore doesn't freak,
Restore from backup.
..and I should be up and running again?

Or does anyone know of a shorter way of at least resetting the webui certificate back to a self-signed one?

Any info would be helpful...the systems working fine as it is and am a bit leery about destroying/recreating it.


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Fixed the problem - stopped crl checking on a pc and I could get in to change the certificate. Don't ask why I didn't try this in the first place but it's working now.