Cannot modify GEO DNS FQDN Maps - returns 422


I am trying to use the PowerShell cmdlets to create and configure a number of GEO FQDNs.  I can create the FQDNs and do the basic configuration, I can add mappings, but I cannot modify the mappings to configure the cluster checks of the coordinates - I get Error 422 (Unknown Mapping) every time.

For example:


ModifyFQDN -FQDN -SelectionCriteria prx -PublicRequestValue 3 -PrivateRequestValue 3

AddMap -FQDN -IP -Cluster vlmcluster00

ModifyMap -FQDN -IP -Checker clust

[ All the above commands succeed ]

ModifyMap -FQDN -IP -MapAddress -MapPort 80

ChangeMapLocation -FQDN -IP -Lat 10.3 -Long -50.0

[ Both the above commands fail with error 422 - Mapping Unknown ]

All attempts to do the same via the RESTful API also fail.  My GEOs are running 2.2-30-75.