KEMP Client Connectivity in an Exchange 2016 Coexistence Environment with Exchange 2010


We currently have a pair of LM's connecting to Exchange 2010. We plan to migrate to 2016 but in stages and will therefore require coexistence. There are a couple of ways to accomplish this but it does complicate the configuration. However, there might be a very simple solution. Exchange 2016 come out of the box with the ability to proxy 2010 traffic on the backend. In this scenario the load balancers don’t required 2010 visibility, traffic is simply pointed to 2016 as though the legacy exchange version didn’t exist. The reason this works at least in theory is because 2016 handles the 2010 traffic and doesn’t require the front end (LM's) to be involved. Is there any reason why this wouldn’t work? Thank you.

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Kurt Jung

Yes Exchange 2016 proxies most traffic back to Exchange 2010 when in coexistence.  The internal Outlook connectivity still goes to the Exchange 2010 CAS Array.  See the following client connectivity explanation : 

So you would need to create a new Virtual Service on the LoadMaster for Exchange 2016 and add your new Exchange 2016 servers to this VS.  You will then just update the URLs in both Exchange 2010/2016.  This is a great migration step through that outlines the Exchange (URL) changes that need to be made to support this: