Kemp VLM SSL certificate requirements



I want to deploy a Kemp VLM appliance and use the Exchange 2013 HTTPS Reencrypted template to setup L7 load balancing to my Exchange 2013 servers.

There will be a single Exchange namespace e.g. so the Exchange services will be configured like this: - OWA, OA, EWS, EAS, ECP, OAB, RPC, MAPI, SMTP - Autodiscover


My questions are - we have an existing public wildcard SSL certificate for * so do I simply import that into the Kemp VLM for use with the L7 load balancing and also the Exchange 2013 CAS servers? And does Kemp VLM support public wildcard SSL certificates for our scenario above?




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Mark Deegan

Hello Jesse,


yes import the same SSL cert on the real servers into the LM together with the private key and assign the cert to the VIP in question.