Basic Setup Problem


I configure a new pair/VIP.... very similar to others already working except this is a straight 80 to 80 balancer.  I have to hit the REAL server first then the virtual IP works.  If I try the VIP first I get 'page can't be displayed'.

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Mark Deegan

Hello Wesley,

the error "Page Cannot be displayed" can be many things. Usually something like the server is using http 1.1 which requires a dns name to be requested instead of an IP. To resolve this while testing please modify your hosts file to direct the fqdn of you website to the VIP in the LM. Another problem might be the routing. Usually transparency is turned on by default and unless your real server has the LM as the default gateway then we would get asymmetrical routing. I would recommend turning transparency off if not required. Another possibility is that you are in a 2 arm configuration and you do not have Subnet originating requests enabled.

Please let me know if any of these solutions fixes your issue