FormBased auth on SubVS


Hi all,


I experienced the following issue with the following secnario:


Template Exchange 2016 HTTPS reencrypted

everything is left default;


On the SubVS for OWA, I set up ESP with FormBased Authentication.

When I try to open the website, he does not display anything and gives an error.

Checking the URL (lmauth proxy ....) I noticed, that he does not append "owa" to the URL and therefore redirects me to the parent VS, where ESP is not enabled, which is correct so far.

so here is the example:

with ESP enabled the URL looks like:


what am I doing wrong?

is the "content matching rule" not set up correctly?

note: I left everything default from the template.


I hope you can help me,




Mark Deegan

Hello Andreas,

When using ESP we have a separate template which includes the LM auth proxy sub vs which is required for authentication in this case. See the templates here. 

Choose the Exchange 2016 under Microsoft and then the "ESP services: SMTP and unified HTTP/HTTPS with ESP" template


Hi Mark,


I set up the VS with the ne template.

Some SubVS seem to work, but the one with OWA still does not work properly.

Can you help me on this one?