Load Balancing Escape Online 5

Configuration has yet to be fully verified, Kemp Support will gladly assist if your Escape Online 5 traffic is not flowing as expected.


1   Introduction

Escape Online 5 is a powerful fund accounting and HR/payroll system available to education. It is an intuitive, comprehensive system designed from the ground up specifically for the unique needs of education. Escape is not just a collection of individual modules. This system was designed as a complete, fully integrated solution, running in an online/real-time environment 


1.1  Document Purpose

This section details a configuration for a specific application that has been provided by a customer but has yet to be fully tested.

This specific configuration will ensure that your Escape Core Application servers are highly-available, scalable, and secure.

Configuration has yet to be fully verified, Kemp Support will gladly assist if your Escape traffic is not flowing as expected.


2. Configuration Required

One Virtual Service listening port 7886. This Service was configured for a specific environment that required Transparency. This is where the server will see the Clients Source IP address, and not the Virtual IP of the Load Master, it's quite possible this is not required in your environment. For more information on Transparency please refer to our documentation.




2.1  Global Configuration

       No Changes Required.


3  Virtual Service Configuration: 


 3.1  VRealize Orchestrator

      > New Virtual Service

      > Enter IP Address

      > Port = 7886

      > Name = Escape-App

      > Add New Virtual Service


3.2     Standard Options

       >  Enable Transparency

       >  Persistence = None

      >   Scheduling Method = Round Robin


3.3      Real Servers

      > Checker Parameter Type = TCP

      >  Port = 7886

      >  Add New


      > Enter Real Server IP Address

      > Port = 7886

      > Forwarding Method = NAT


If you have successfully Load Balanced your Excape Online 5 environment by implementing this specific configuration, please give a thumbs up or please leave a comment on a possible alteration that was required to make it function. Thank you



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