Load Balancing VMWare vCloud Director

Configuration has yet to be fully verified, Kemp Support will gladly assist if your VMware vCloud Director traffic is not flowing as expected.


1   Introduction

VMware vCloud Director is a software product that provides the ability to build secure, multi-tenant clouds by pooling virtual infrastructure resources into virtual datacenters and exposing them to users through Web-based portals and programmatic interfaces as a fully-automated, catalog-based service.


1.1  Document Purpose

This section details a configuration for a specific application that has been provided by a customer but has yet to be fully tested.

This specific configuration will ensure that your VMWare vCloud Director servers are highly-available, scalable, and secure.

Configuration has yet to be fully verified, Kemp Support will gladly assist if your vCloud traffic is not flowing as expected.


2  Configuration Required


2.1  Global Configuration

       No Changes Required


2.2  Virtual Service Configuration: 

One Virtual Service required, you can also have a port 80 Redirect if required. SSL Offloading is optional. Please skip section 2.5 if you don't require SSL Offloading. 


Port 80 Redirect

When 443 Virtual Service is created, navigate to Modify VS --> Advanced Properties --> Add a Port 80 Redirector VS



 2.3   vCloud Virtual Service

      > New Virtual Service

      > Enter IP Address

      > Port = 443

      >  Service Name = vCloud Director

      > Add New Virtual Service

2.4    Standard Options   

      > Disable Transparency

      >  Persistence = Source IP

     >  Timeout =  1 Hour

      > Scheduling Method = Round Robin


2.5     Enable SSL Acceleration  (Enable Re-encryption if Server Requires)

      >  Re-Encrypt if server requires secure connection

      >  Assign Certificate


2.6    Real Servers

      > Checker Parameter Type = HTTPS

      > Check Port =  443  

      >  URL: /cloud/server_status

      > Add New

      > Enter Real Server IP Address

      > Port = 443  

      > Forwarding Method = NAT

If you have successfully Load Balanced your VMWare vCloud Director environment by implementing this specific configuration, please give a thumbs up or please leave a comment on a possible alteration that was required to make it function. Thank you





Hi Darren, just letting you know we deployed a vLM in front of a 3 node vCD 10.2 configuration using the configuration outlined above and it works perfectly.



Darren Morrissey

Thank you for the feedback, very much appreciated :)


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