Content Switching rule - Landing zone


Hi all,

I have a double arm configuration and I am trying to hosts 2 website under one single public IP.

I've search a litle and I tried to setup it like this:

- 2 VS for the internal subnet

- 1 VS called Landing Zone in the DMZ subnet (where is natted the Public IP) with 2 subVS, pointng to the 2 real server in the internal subnet; here I have also enabled content switching with Host matching rule; everthing has to be in HTTPS (I have a Wildcard, already configured in the main VS Landing Zone)

Internally both works, while externally are not working; what could be the issue?


Thank you

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Mark Deegan

Hello Luca,

Can you also make sure that you are SSL offloading/re encrypting if you wish to use the content rules.

Can you verify that the NAT is working correctly? (View the connections in real time statistics when accessing from outside) 

If the content rules work when accessing through the LM VIP inside then the rules are operational and it is just the traffic from outside which is not operational and this sounds like a routing issue rather than a content rule issue. I would verify the path of the traffic from the router to the LM and make sure the VIP has the correct default gateway set for the network. You may have to duplicate the VIP and have a separate vip for inside and outside.

If you continue to encounter issues i would recommend opening a support ticket.