Containerized LoadMaster (CLM) is now available


KEMP Technologies Containerized LoadMaster (CLM) Application load balancer is a fully featured member of our award winning and industry leading load balancer family optimized for deployment in Docker environments.

The KEMP Container has two functions,
1) It load balances the servers via round robin
2) It pings the servers to ensure they are alive. If they are down, the KEMP Container will not send traffic to it, until it is back.

To pull the image:
docker pull kemptech/clm

To build the image, run:
docker build -t kemp KEMP

To run the KEMP container, start it with:
docker run -e RSLIST='<Space separated IP list>' -e PORT='<VIP Port>' --privileged -d -p <Published Port>:<VIP Port> -it kemp

docker run -e RSLIST='' -e PORT='80' --privileged=true -d -p 80:80 -it kemp

This will start the container with a VS on the Docker assigned IP using the port in the PORT parameter
Give RSLIST a space separated list of RS IP's that are on the same Docker host.

When configuring the real servers, make sure they point their default gateway to the IP assigned to the KEMP container.

To test, the client must be on a different host than the docker host, for routing purposes. You can reach the published VS, via the
docker host IP and the port you assigned when calling 'docker run'