Two Exchange servers for clients


Hello all,

I have a client who has two different exchange servers. Our migration is to have each exchange on a DAG cluster and behind a VLM.

I was thinking of having a VS for the Exchange servers EX1A and EX1B and another VS for EX2A/EX2B cluster.

Ideally, the global/final  picture is to have a single-arm VLM cluster on HA, with the two Exchange DAG clusters.


                        VLM ============ VLM (HA)

EX1A --------- EX1B(DAG1)          EX2A ----------EX2B (DAG2)

Can I have your recommendation on this setup, whether this can be performed ?

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Mark Deegan

Hello Nitish,

It is my understanding from the above that you have a HA pair of LM's and you wish to create 2 VIP's for Exchange A and Exchange B. is this correct? If so then this is no problem to us but you will need to setup your DNS correctly to point to the correct vip depending on which exchange DAG you wish to contact.