Load Balancing VMWare Horizon View 7

Configuration has yet to be fully verified, Kemp Support will gladly assist if your VMWare Horizon View 7 traffic is not flowing as expected.


1   Introduction

VMware Horizon View (formerly VMware View) is a virtual desktop infrastructure solution that simplifies desktop management. It delivers personalized virtual desktops from a virtualized platform.


1.1  Document Purpose

This section details a configuration for a specific application that has been provided by a customer but has yet to be fully tested.

This specific configuration will ensure that your VMWare View 7 security servers are highly-available, scalable, and secure.

Configuration has yet to be fully verified, Kemp Support will gladly assist if your VMWare View 7 traffic is not flowing as expected.


2  Configuration Required


2.1  Global Configuration

It is recommended to set option  "Always Check Persist" to Yes – Accept Changes for a VMware View 7 environment.

In the main menu of the LoadMaster Web User Interface (WUI), select System Configuration > Miscellaneous Options > L7 Configuration


2.2  Virtual Service Configuration

It is not recommended to forward traffic to your Connection Servers as this adds an additional hop. So for this specific configuration, only One Virtual Service listening on port 443 will be required.

SSL Acceleration/Offloading will also be required. This will give us the option to use a Layer 7 Persistence option called "Server Cookie".


2.3   Virtual Service

      > New Virtual Service

      > Enter IP Address

      > Port = 443

      >  Service Name = VMWare View 7

      > Add New Virtual Service


2.4    Standard Options   

      > Disable Transparency

      >  Persistence = Server Cookie

      >  Cookie Name = JSESSIONID  (SSL Acceleration Required, see section 2.5)

      >  Timeout =  1 Hour

      > Scheduling Method = Least Connection


2.5     Enable SSL Acceleration  (Enable Re-encryption if Server Requires)

      >  Re-Encrypt if server requires secure connection

      >  Assign Certificate


2.6   Real Servers

      > Checker Parameter Type = HTTPS

      > Check Port =  443  

      >  URL: /

      > Add New

      > Enter Real Server IP Address

      > Port = 443  

      > Forwarding Method = NAT


If you have successfully Load Balanced your VMWare Horizon View 7 environment by implementing this specific configuration, please give a thumbs up or please leave a comment on a possible alteration that was required to make it function. Thank you




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Guiseppe Koch

Looking into load balancing our View 7 environment, as we upgrade from View 6. Struggling to find a solution that offers HA in the scenario of one of the load balancers fails/restarts/etc and the View 7 PCoIP sessions don't drop. Is that possible? Blast over 443 seems possible by several vendors but no one mentions it for PCoIP traffic.





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