Office 365 Hybrid Remote mailbox move issues


Hi, We have a scenario where the Office 365 Exchange online is trying to connect through the Kemp LB v 7.1-18b to an Exchange 2010 environment. LB are 2 Exchange multi purpose role machines.

the remote migration starts to pull/push data but stops after a few minutes. found some articles in the KB which mention to set the 100 continue to ignore however we are still seeing the timeouts and errors through the remote move.

Has anyone come across similar issues or found any documentation as to the correct configuration on the Kemp to bypass these errors?

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Mark Deegan


I would first of all recommend upgrading your firmware to the latest GA release and then to enable RFC-7231 in 100-continue handling. I would also extend your timeouts on the VIP to over 1800 seconds and on the real servers as well.