issue with users that has a linked mailbox when accessing the site


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Im having issue with list of users who haved linked mailbox when accessing OWA on exchange 2010. while searching on the kemp site i found this article and notice the notes on the linked mailbox. 

"If not for the issue with linked mailboxes LDAP auth would be the solution to use and would be significantly better and more secure however that feature is going to be added in a future version of ESP."

Can someone advice if it has been solved on the newer version of KEMP or are there any other workaround?


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Mark Deegan

Hello Erick,

The ESP option can verify clients based on their login via LDAP/LDAPS and can auth to the servers using either basic or KCD. I am assuming you have both exchange 2010 and exchange 2013 servers with a mix of mailboxes? If so then by pointing to the exchange 2013 servers the redirect to the exchange 2010 servers is seamless and no more setup is required with the latest version of firmware. if you wish to secure down the ECP so that it cant be used except for calendar and out of office replies there is a very good article here: