VLM-2000 unable to access Virtual Service IP from other subnets



I have a problem, which proberbly is something straight forward that i have missed.

I'm setting up 2 web app proxies in my DMZ and everything works...


I can't reach the Virtual Service ip from other subnets than the one it exists in.

I can ping the VIP from the two WAPs, but i can't ping it from my internal network or when i try to NAT the VIP to the internet on a public ip.

What i can do is ping the two WAPs (which are in same subnet as VIP), and ping the interface ip of the VLM-2000 (it has two virtual NICs and one of them is in the same subnet as the VIP)

I have almost concluded that it must be some of the settings in the virtual service that is causing a problem for me.

Any ideas


Thanks in advance

Mads Sivertsen


Mark Deegan

Hello Mads,

Most likely the response is being sent back via the default gateway which is different from where the request is coming from. You can specify the default gateway on a per VIP basis under advanced settings and you will need to enable the setting "Use Default Route Only" under "Network options".

You could also add a route for internal clients to "Additional Routes" under "Network setup"





I just got my LM X15 and setting that up for a reverse-proxy.  I was successful setting up a reverse-proxy using a demo VM and that was straight forward but from my LM X15, i am not able to ping my VIP at all, the logs says the interface is up and listening on the VIP IP but its not pingable.  I have an additional route to the VIP configured and my client IP net configured in the additional route as well.  Any ideas? 

I have a case open with support but no response back yet.