Forms Session Logoff when KCD login is made


Hi there,


I'm publishing Exchange Server 2013 with forms auth for OWA and ECP, and KCD for MAPI, RPC, OAB and EWS.

I can connect with both Outlook 2013 (MAPI over HTTP) and can also login to OWA.

But I have the following problem:

- Every time I login with a KCD client, my forms based auth sessions (ex.: OWA) are tear down and I'm required to login again.

I can replicate this every time.

1. Open https://myserver/owa and login

2. Open Outlook 2013 (or navigate to a KCD protected URL like https://<myserver)/mapi/emsmdb

3. Go back to owa and the session is gone. Refresh shows the kemp login page

This is using the template from kemp. I also tried to create one VS for OWA (forms auth only) and another one for KCD stuff, but with the same results.

Also, tried to create a new client SSO domain (same settings, different name) and assign each one to KCD and OWA, with the same results.

Only way I could make it work was creating a SSO Client Domain with a blank Domain/realm and use it for KCD. And use the one with Domain/Realm for OWA, but this does not seem right to me.

Any idea what can be the problem?