Monitoring hardware load balancers in Orion


Has anyone got this to work at all?  I have been fighting with this for days now and have no idea where to go for help.  I have sent the MIB files to Solarwinds and updated my database.  However, I am unable to see any useful information, despite my best efforts building new pollers and trying to use very specific OIDs.  For example, the OID is the layer 7 vSnames OID.  I would like to see, in Orion, all the virtual services, with throughput, both in and out, as well as various other metrics.


Is there some template we should be using?  Are any of you using Solarwinds NPM to monitor your load balancers?


It just seems to me that adding every OID manually, guessing what format it needs to be in, and totally creating a new dashboard form scratch seems like a ton of unnecessary work.

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Mark Deegan

Hello Jon,

We recommend using either KEMP 360 Central (free for 2 load balancers) or KEMP 360 Vision for monitoring of our load balancers. We do have MIB's for our load balancers but I have not tested them with solarwinds. here is a link to our MIBs.

Kemp 360 Central can be downloaded here :

Kemp 360 Vision is currently on free trial for 3 months. get your Vision installation here: