Error Viewing Network Metrics


So from one of our Kemps, we are unable to view Network Metrics for Traffic eth1 and eth2 .... We see two errors on the screen ("/usr/wui/progs/hist_graphs: line 113: Binary: Command Not found" and "/usr/wui/progs/hist_graphs: 189 Binary: command not found"). Also when i inspect the web element for the two connections, i see: "ERROR: '/tmp/rrd/net eth1.rrd' is not an rrd file".
Does anyone have any ideas about this or have run into this themselves? I cant seem to find any information about this at all. Any help would be appreciated.


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Mark Deegan


Can i ask which version of firmware you are on? we had some issues on the 7.1.34 firmware where the graphs were not visible on the statistics page. this has been fixed in the latest GA. I would also recommend using something like KEMP 360 Central to monitor the Load Masters. this will give you far greater granularity than the graphs on the statistics page. it can be downloaded free for 2 loadmasters from here :