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I'm very new to Kemp so please excuse any stupid questions!

I have been using TMG for a long time and publish several web sites and services over it.

I have dns names configured e.g. which points to a public IP that is port forwarded to TMG. Each name hits a specific web listener, we have web listener's configured for different scenarios such at:

Basic HTTP with no authentication
Basic HTTP with authentication 
SSL.... and so on

We'll then take a website name, say and cname it to and a rule in TMG will take traffic from that listener and decide where it should be routed based on its host header ( this way we can create several rules that will distribute traffic received from the same web listener for any web addresses that have been c-named to 

This works very well for multiple websites and doesn't care which server they're on internally.


I'm trying to re-create this with my Kemp VLM-200 set up. I can create a 'Virtual Service' and point it to a real server, however I am unclear as to how I would tell that service to only act on traffic for a specific host header e.g.

Perhaps I can't use Kemp in this way? I have had a bit of a look around the web for tutorials but have drawn a blank for this scenario. Trying to keep it as simple as possible at this stage so I can try to understand how it works before delving in any deeper..

Thanks..... Jason.

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