Publish Exchange and ADFS with Single IP


I have published Exchange 2016 using the Exchange_2016_Core.tmpl template. Now, I would like to also publish my ADFS Proxy (WAP) server to the Internet using the Kemp VLM. Is it possible to do this if I only have a single public (WAN) IP? My Exchange servers are using the namespace, and my ADFS infrastructure is using the namespace. If my firewall forwards all HTTPS traffic to the Kemp VLM, can it distinguish between the traffic destined for from what is destined for, and route the traffic to the appropriate real servers? I have tried adding an additional SubVS to my virtual server but its not working. 

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Mark Deegan

Hello Adam,

This is not possible due to the nature of ADFS. You will need to use 2 different public IP's forwarded to 2 different VIP's on the LM. They use the same 443 port and content rules will not be enough to differentiate the traffic.