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Hi everybody,


is there an option to define which information are available from syslog?

Our LoadMaster has two NICs and I can't see anything from the NIC itself, only the VIPs are visible.


Is it also possible to see which URL was "matched" or the entire URL?



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Mark Deegan

Hello Andreas,

We recommend using either KEMP 360 Central (free for 2 load balancers) or KEMP 360 Vision for monitoring of our load balancers.

Kemp 360 Central can be downloaded here :

Kemp 360 Vision is currently on free trial for 3 months. get your Vision installation here:

If you are looking to see in the syslog which URL's were requested, we currently do not support this as of yet. I would ask that you make a feature request for that if there is a case for it. Please use to submit that as a feature.

Best regards