My Kemp VIP is not redirecting to more than one rule!



I know it looks bit awkward but we are facing strange issue for last two days. I have opened a support request (#48026)  for the same but no luck yet. I would really appreciate if anybody can help to solve this problem.

The issue is suddenly all the VIP only service one rule request at a time.  One of the attached example. If I access<rule 1>/ its working fine. But if I give <rule 2> or < rule 3> it throws application error. After few minutes <rule 2> suddenly starts working but not rule 1 or rule 3!  If I delete rule 1 real server then rule 2 started working. Same things go for rule 3 server as well!

Just wondering why suddenly VIPs have started misbehaving this way! I reproduced the same issue with KEMP support but no luck yet. I will really appreciate if any gurus can help me on this matter.

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Mark Deegan Official comment

hello Sandip,

It seems the "Rule precedence" under advanced properties of the VIP was set in the incorrect manner. This has now been changed and everything is tested OK. 

best regards