Memory Usage


What should I be looking for in Memory Usage? Currently we don't have a lot of traffic on the system, but the Memory Usage shows only 50 MB free of 2 GB. CPU is only using 8% total, so load on the system is low.

Is this normal and the LM is one of those systems that will always try to use all of the RAM you give it? Or is this high and I should look at possibly increasing the RAM. Thanks.

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Darren Morrissey

Hello the amount of RAM required does depend on the number of connections, but it also depends on the number of virtual services created. I would recommend creating a support ticket where you can attach your config and we can load it into our Load Masters to see how much memory is being used with zero connections. You should also be able to check this if you have a Standby Unit. If your Load Master is a VLM then I would assign 3 or  4 GB of RAM.