Split-Brain Recovery


How do the KEMP's LM4000's recover from a split-brain scenario?  Does the preferred master just become the master again and everything is great, or is there something to be concerned about?

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Mark Deegan

Hello Matts,

the usual way is when the LM's regain network connectivity to force an election to see who will be master but if they cannot decide then you will have the "split-brain" you were describing. this is indicated by the coloured squares in the top right of the screen. if both are green with only 1 A in black then all is good. If on the other hand you had one green and the other red then there is no communication between the devices. if you have one green and the other blue then you  have master/master and you must reboot one device to force an election. Most HA problems are due to either a network issue or a time offset on both devices. please see our Doc on HA: https://support.kemptechnologies.com/hc/en-us/articles/203125199-High-Availability-HA-

best regards