Exchange 2016 OWA too many redirects


I have exchange 2016 behind a kemp loadbalancer with a ssl reencrypt setup.

On the root virtual dir I have these settings:


On the SubVir I have these:



Intermittently we have users going through the LB to access OWA get a Too many redirects error from the browser or it will spin at the webmail loading screen and not advance. It seems worse in chrome than IE and Firefox, but both of them will do it too.

I have a hard time replicating it, but when I'm able to replicate it the issue is fairly consistent.  If I remove the LB from the process it works much better and the complaints stop.


Is there anyone that has seen this before or can make any LB config suggestions that might help?



Tony Vaughan

Hello I would recommend speaking to our support engineers to validate the virtual service settings,

from the screenshots you provided I would take a look at the "Not available redirection handling" section

the first is a 302 redirecting to
the second is a 301 redirecting to

Logically I am not sure what the redirect in the second screenshot is needed for

In a standard setup you would have a virtual service on port 80 with a redirect to 443
this would be the "302 redirecting to"

If you were using ESP, then the 443 VS would have a sub virtual service with a "503 service unavailable 'Endpoint not available' " for the Authentication Proxy


Thanks for the reply.
I do have the port 80 redirect to 443.


Based on your suggestion it sounds like I should set both of the 443 VS and SubVS's setting for  "Not Available Redirection Handling" to something else.

Logically makes senses that if they go to it should redirect to, but anything already going to should not be redirected.

I have set both of those to blank with no redirect path set.  I'll let you know how it performs. So far in my personal testing it looks fine.