Disable RealServer in specific VS or SubVS(am I blind or feature request)




From the WUI I am able to disable a real server only on that VS however when using the powershell module( I can't see any option to disable the Real Server on only a specified VS.


Disable-AdcRealServer -RSIpaddress x.x.x.x

as suspected disables the real server on all VS. I would like to be able to do something like:

Disable-AdcRealServer -RSIpaddress x.x.x.x -VirtualService x.x.x.x


Why would I want to do this you might ask?

If I update the content of one subdomain on one server it should not affect the other subdomains running on that server. (So this will probably be used in a subvs)

Imagine site.com/abc and site.com/xyz goes to the same set of RS's. but I want health checks and enable/disable functionality separeted.