I am new to Kemp.  I downloaded the free OVF for Virtual Box.  I have Virtual Box running on Windows. I am following instructions step-by-step:


On Page 6, I get the ip address from previous step. "In an internet browser enter the IP address that was previously noted"

I have tried it in both Chrome and IE get the same error above.


Any help is greatly appreciated. 




Tony Vaughan

Morning David,

it sounds like a networking issue,
did the LoadMaster get an IP from DHCP or did you manually assign one via the console menu?

if its assigned from DHCP can you recheck the virtual box network settings and check if you are able to ping the IP,
It may be duplicate IP on the network

If possible can you assign a static IP to the LoadMaster by using the console menu?
see section 3.1 Configuring the LoadMaster via the Console



thanks for the update.


I am running Windows 10 but I also have the Windows Subsystem Linux - Ubuntu. So on Ubuntu I ran the following command:

ip addr show

I grabbed the ip address for eth0.

I launched Virtual Box, go to the console for lb100 login. I then used the above ip address for the address of the appliance. I took defaults for rest of wizard. It then gives me a url, ie

https://<ip used above>

In both browsers - "This site can't be reached"

Any help is greatly appreciated.