Kemp Load Balancer HTTP request limit


Hello Everyone,

Hopefully someone will be able to help me. I am doing my final year project and I am testing 4 different load balancers and how they behave under increasing load. One of them is Kemp LB. I have a testbed in VM environment with the 4 LB's, HTTP traffic generator and a bunch of apache webservers. The issue I have is when I send the HTTP traffic over the KEMP LB for some reason the request rate seems to be limited at around 250 req/s. Because of this I am unable to ramp up the load on the webservers. I tried to find a way around this with no success. I can only assume that this is because of some kind of inbuilt protection against DDOS that prevents the request increase. I also tried generating HTTP traffic from multiple VM's at the same time, but they just end up splitting the 240 req/s doing 120 each.  Any help would be appreciated.



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