Free LB limitations


We're using the free version running on VMWare.

I understand that the free version has rate limits imposed on it.

Questions are:

1. How can I tell if the rate limit is being hit? Does it simply slow requests, drops them, or what?

2. If I am hitting already the limits, what is the upgrade path and licensing options? is it simply buying a license and updating it in the current running instances or will I have to re-install a different image?



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Tony Vaughan


to answer your first question
if the bandwidth limit is reached on the LoadMaster, connections will be dropped,

you should be able to see the TPS and SSL TPS on the homepage,
the amount of connections can be seen on the statistics page
lastly in the logs message there will be the following message
"<Date> <time> <LM Name> kernel: L7: Bandwidth limit exceeded in the last 10 seconds - maybe you should buy some more bandwidth?"

for questions 2,
you can purchase a new license and apply it to the current free LoadMaster,
make sure you reboot afterwards so that the license will take affect,
also check the VM resources, depending on the amount of traffic you are loadbalancing you may need to increase the CPU and memory