Known Issues with Calendar Permissions Exchange 2016 through Kemp?


Hi everyone,

I was wondering if there are any known issues accessing calendars through Kemp with user permissions? I am using Exchange 2016 HTTPS Reencrypted with ESP on my Kemp. My Exchange Servers are on the last build but sometimes I have issues accessing calendars from other users. I checked permissions and it looks fine. Is there any outlook traffic for calendars that the loadbalancer filters or maybe blocks? i know it may sound a little silly but maybe someone else had also issues with that. Just want to make sure if the Kemp could be the culprit.

Could you also recommend the best way for logging issues like that on the loadbalancer? There is not much in the ESP Security or Connection logs. Is there something more indepth?

Thanks for your help. I am happy about any tipps!




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Tony Vaughan

Morning André

to answer your question there was two articles published regarding calendars

Normally I would recommend creating a test straight through virtual service,
this will help simplify the troubleshooting process,

if you are still seeing issues then its something external to the LoadMaster
if you are not seeing issues then you need to add the same options as you have on the production service

for example, test after each of the following steps
change the service to use
1. SSL offloading/Reencrypting
2. Sub Virtual services with content rules
3. ESP (if enabled)
4. WAF (if enabled)

this will help narrow down what is causing the issue