Content Rules not work for first request


I have the following content rules setup:
I have a Virtual IP address with 3 subVS:

VIP is setup with mostly default settings/blank settings. I did add 2 SSL Certs and have Reencrypt selected. subVS are also mostly using default settings:
Content Switching: Enabled
Real Server Settings 

Rule assigned:

Other SubVS is setup the same way, but had a different real server URL and has the "photo" content rule. The issue I'm having is if i go to the the URL: I often get redirected to It seems to only happen once, then if i type in the URL again i'm directed to the correct site. Repeatably typing in the URL results in the correct page loading, www. 

Any idea why this is happening? Did I miss something in the setup?

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I think i figured out my issue. For my second domain I'm trying to redirect to To do this i updated Advanced Properties -> "Not Available Redirection Handling" to Error Code: 302 Found and entered a redirect URL. Once I removed these settings is no longer redirecting to

I was able to get my setup to work by adding a content role to the

example 6.11 and add the rule under HTTP Header Modifications.