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Dear KEMP Community,


Aug 30, 1:38 PM IST

Dear KEMP,

We are testing a pair of VLM-200. They are configured to provide load balancing and reverse proxy services.
Behind them we have two apache web servers.
SSL termination is at the apache httpd servers, like this

Client (http or https) => LM (ssl disabled/redirect 80 to 443) => real servers (443)

We would like to send the original client IP address to the Apaches and it seems that the "advanced properties" tab in VS menu is not showing. Please let us know, how we can achieve this. We are interested in REMOTE_ADDR or X-Forwarded-For.  We have also tried the global L7 option in 

Additional L7 Header (Misc optns)

Thanks and BR,
Ognyan Istatkov


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Tony Vaughan

Hello Ognyan,

it is not possible for the LoadMaster to read of modify headers if the traffic is encrypted
you would need to offload (and optionally re-encrypt) the traffic on the virtual service in order to use the header options

please see this link for more options