Exchange 2016 ECP Not available during Exchange failover




Today we've configured our new exchange 2016 servers via our kemp appliances. All services are configured with individual VIPS, so not using SubVS.

Disabling the real servers and VIPS works fine no issue. ECP is able to be accessed fine.


When shutting down the Exchange 2016 servers, ECP is unavailable and I receive an error http 503 service unavailable. I'm able to hit the healthcheck at /ecp/healthcheck.htm and can see that the results are redirecting me to a active server. However when using i get service unavailable.


Is their any settings that i need to consider, not sure on why its causing this error.


Any help on this would be great.

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Tony Vaughan


just to clarify,

when you shut-down one of the exchange servers
does the LoadMaster show the server as down (i.e. does it fail the health check)

if the health-check is not failing then you could be sent to the server that was shut-down, so I would expect some pages on the server to give back a 404 error

if the health-check is failing then you should be sent to the next available server, if the error occurs at this point then its sounds like an issue on the exchange server
one thing to note on the LoadMaster can you check if "Drop Connections on RS failure" is disabled,
if it is disabled then even though the health-check failed existing connections to the real server will not be dropped

I would recommend enabling this and testing again
the option is under "system configuration" -> "L7 configuration"