Pass Domain Credentials to Citrix Storefront Server


Hi there, 

We are currently testing KEMP and Citrix XenApp/XenDesktop since we already have KEMP licenses. 

I configured a form-based authentication on the KEMP and added that to the Virtual Server representing a Citrix Storefront Server.


Everytime I log on, I have to first give credentials to KEMP and then again to the storefront Server. I read this document, but it is not working for me. 

Has anybody else tried that?




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Darren Morrissey

Hello Robert, 

Only recently have we begun testing ESP authentication with Citrix Storefront. We only support "Forms Based" server side. The behaviour I'm currently experiencing is that after I log into the KEMP form,  I receive an XML Successful Authentication response, but in order for my Storefront page to appear, for some reason I have to manually refresh the Webpage? I've posted on Citrix Forum but no responses. see here


If you'd like to test, on the Load Master select "Forms Based" on Server Side. the "Form Authentication path" = /Citrix/StoreName/PostCredentialsAuth/Login

in my case its " /Citrix/kempWeb/PostCredentialsAuth/Login". See how this goes for you. If it works without page refresh please let me know. thank you