MS SQL SSRS fail on https



I evaluate Kemp for a TMG replacement. Everything works well except the MS SQL Report Server.

I'll forward to with reencrypt.

The Kemp is two legged integrated. One in DMZ one in internal network.

But I get always Error 404 not found from IIS on same realserver.

I expect the cause is that kemp contacts the real server on his IP and not FQDN.

Header rewrite of location and/or host did not helped me.

Was anyone able to publish a MS Reportserver with Kemp?

Thanks Björn

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Tony Vaughan


1. is the health check passing on HTTPS?
if it is not you may need to enable HTTP1.1 and use the hostname

2. if you use a pass through service (no SSL offloading or re-encrypting) do you get the same issue?
you may require "SNI"


To send SNI host information in HTTPS health checks, enable Use HTTP/1.1 in the Real Servers section of the relevant Virtual Service(s) and specify a host header. If this is not set, the IP address of the Real Server is used.