Free LoadMaster limited to a single activation?



I accidentally deleted my Free Kemp Load Master Appliance after activating it, and when I try to deploy a new one the license fails to activate with: Licensing Failed: Failed to Generate License.

Is there a single activation limit on the Free Appliance -- not a problem if there is; but possible clear out the deleted appliance as I am unable to restore it.

I was attempting to use the free appliance to test software upgrade processes in my home lab, and since we use Kemp at work it would be ideal to keep the environment components the same.

I have also tried to verify that port 443 is open between the appliance and Kemp license servers; I do not see any blocked traffic in my firewall, but not sure if Esxi is interfering somehow.


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Tony Vaughan


I don't believe there is a limit on the amount of Free LoadMasters you can have on a single KempID
if there is a limit it will be a reasonable limit,

I don't see any activation attempts using this KempID on Saturday 29th or Sunday 30th
I recommend opening a case with support if you want to troubleshoot this further