FLB crashes after a few minutes



I just downloaded Free Load Balancer a few days ago in order to publish my Exchange 2013.
Until now I was using Forefront TMG, all was working fine but I lost the admin password ... so it is a good time to deploy FLB.

I deployed FLB into Windows 2012 Hyper-V and I successfully created a rule with the template Exchange2013Core. I can connect successfully to the exchange server but only for a few minutes...

Indeed, then FLB closes definitely any connection to every VIP - admin console becomes also unreachable - and the only way to restore connectivity is to reboot FLB.

My configuration:
- FLB with 4 Go RAM
- eth0: - external with NAT
- eth1: - internal IP, backend servers subnet
- Trusted certificate for : admin portal and exchange VS

Do you have any idea in order to fix this issue?

Thanks by advance for your help



Tony Vaughan


at first glance it sounds like a duplicate IP,
this would explain why a reboot fixes the issue for a short time

are you able to ping eth 0 or eth 1 from your client when the LoadMaster is in this state?
if you connect via Hyper-Visor console is the LoadMaster responding?

Console menu options
7. Utilities -> 9. Diagnostics -> 1. Ping host


Hi Tony,

thanks for your message.
When all links are down I can still successfully connect and authenticate through the Hyper-V console.
Ping to VIPs is OK
Telnet to VIPs is Not-OK

I will have some time to install a new one from scratch tomorrow to see if it could be an issue related to the setup.


Hi Tony,


I deployed a new LB yesterday and all is fine until now. I don't know why it works better, I use the same IP addresses than previous one..

Thanks agains for your assistance.