Free VLM url rewrite


Hi All 


Im trying to setup a URL rewrite so that i can brows and then get directed to my IIS server http//IP/folder/folder/folder.aspx


I have my SSL offload setup fine and also my firewall setup is fine because if i brows the site display fine. 

if i brows then i get all a bunch of 404 issues and not diplaying correctly.

Can anyone help me with the correct content rules? 
Keep in mind that im very noob with loadbalancers. 




Tony Vaughan

Hi Elmo

I recommend looking at to get a handle on regex syntax

if you want users to see the change happening in the url
you can use the redirect method example here

if you don't want users to see the change happening in the url
you can use the header modification method example here

also test this with a HTTP port 80 virtual service first to rule out anything odd with changing from HTTPS -> HTTP and vice versa

elmo heyns

Hi Tony,


I have had a look at those links and its embarrassing to say I still cant figure it out.


So my config looks like this.

I have a IIS server1 IP

On  that server is a SITE


Also IIS server 2

That site is


On my firewall i have forwarded this domain. to the URL for the KEMP VLM

On the kemp VLM i have installed the SSL cert for and set it to offload.

So my plan is to have the vsite name determain the location of the server.


Meaning i want to brows to or and then that should take me to the full url of the IIS site on the relevant server.

My VLM has the 2 SUB VS's setup

on the main virtual service the settings are like this


content redirection is only turned on in the SUB VS.

I still have no idea what my content rules should actually look like and where to apply them and where not.

If you or anyone can assist that would be awesome.