ActiveSync Errors


I have been getting "message to large" errors when trying to send emails via my mobile devices. I realized a while back that this doesn't happen when my mobile device is connected to wifi and has direct access to my Exchange 2016 servers but only does it when I am accessing it via LM. I believe it has to do with LM it is the only thing that has changed in the environment recently. Is there some setting that could be causing this? Oddly enough if I just retry sending it, it will often go through, sometime i have to try a couple of times

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Tony Vaughan

Hi Joshua,

I haven't heard of any issues like this on firmware 7.2.42

when using wifiand bypassing the LoadMaster are you connecting to a single server or multiple servers?

you mentioned if you try multiple times it works,
if you are not using persistence (persistence set to none is recommended for exchange 2016) then it could be a problem with a single server,

to get a better understanding of what is happening
I would recommend getting a TCP dump to check if there is any packets being dropped or re-transmissions