Duplicate Websites Auto Failover


Hi There,

We will be running duplicate websites which means they are both identical. I am trying to configure the load balancer to do a website check so if the primary website goes down the secondary website should take over the action. I went through all the scheduling methods but the more I read it the less it makes sense. What would be the way forward in going with this?


Tony Vaughan


it sounds like you are looking for Fixed weighting


"This method is used for Redundancy rather than Load Balancing, all connections will go to the server with the highest weight in the event this server fails then the server with the next highest weight takes over. "

if you have set server 1 with a weight of 1000 and server 2 with a weight of 999
then all traffic will be sent to server 1 if it passes the health check
all traffic will be sent to server 2 only if server 1 fails the health check
once server one passes the health check again all new traffic will be sent to server 1

you will need to look at persistence and options like "Drop Connections on RS failure" to make sure it is behaving as you expected

persistence - clients with a persistence entry will continue to be sent to that real server (if it is passing the health check)
Drop Connections on RS failure - if a real server fails the health check drop the connection, this will also clear the persistence entry if the client tries to reconnect while the server is still down



Thanks Tony,

That sounds about right.