SSD/OS reinstallation


Dear Community,


got two LM2600 for education purposes. Only Hardware was delivered and seems for me someone did a "factoryreset" like rm -rf.

Both devices aren´t able to boot Kernel, Bootoader is loading initrd.gz and ends. Seems for me partitions are missing.

Is there a way to reinstall my LM by using bootable USB-Drive? I haven´t found a documentation a downloadlink to create

a bootable medium.

Please deal gentle regarding my skills because i've  bought these devices for self study.





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Tony Vaughan

Hello Oliver,

unfortunately in this scenario we would replace the unit as part of an RMA
but you would need to purchase support for this unit before it could be RMA'd

for training I recommend deploying a free or trial virtual LoadMaster,
we also offer training and I can ask our sales team to contact you with the full details

please not that as part of our terms and conditions
KEMP products and support contracts are non-transferable, we do not support any entity other than the named end-user company at time of original purchase.