Manage multiple sites on IIS via domain name


I have two IIS servers hosting the same three sites. I configure the bindings to each site to just use the primary IP of the NIC and route site traffic based on the domain name itself to simplify management. If I want to use KEMP to load balance between the two servers I will need some way for it to split out traffic based off the domain and not the IP it is going to. 

I found subVS and it looks like what I may be what I am looking for so I can split out each site into a subVS and do health checks against each site but I still don't see how to tell it how route request to the right subSV based off the destination domain.

Any help would be greatly appreciated, just trying to get a proof of concept working so I can sell the idea getting licenses for production and test.


Tony Vaughan


it sounds like you are looking for content switching,
e.g. Match on Domain or host and send it to a sub virtual service or a real server,

please see these link for more details on content switching



Just started looking through it, I think this is exactly what I am looking for. Will post back as soon as I have a chance to verify.