Regarding connection on ipv4 and ipv6 over Kemp loadmaster



I have setup the kemp loadmaster with two virtual IP address 1) IPv4 (x.x.x.x) and 2) IPv6 IP. Both the IPs are also bound over the kemp loadmaster network ineterface as well. With IPv4 the two real servers of IPv4 are associated  and with IPv6 the two real server of IPv6 are associated. Over my DNS I have pointed my website "" pointed on both IPv4 and IPv4 LB IPs. But when I make the request from browser to open the website "" it only makes the connections with IPv4 real servers not with IPv6 real servers. But when I disable the IPv4 virtual server IP then the connections for my  website is automatically serves from IPv6 real servers IPs. Kindly assist me If I can use both IPv6 and IPv4 virtual server IPs simultaneously in order to open my website and in my server logs I can see both IPv4 and IPv6 IPs in my apache access logs. I have also attached the screenshot for your reference.



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Tony Vaughan


based on your screenshot, the LoadMaster should respond to the clients requests
can you take a TCPdump from the LoadMaster to confirm that the client is sending an IPv6 request and that the LoadMaster is receiving it

the option for TCPdump can be found under
System Configuration > System Administration > System Log Files and click Debug Options.