LoadMaster is uncompressing response from real server


I have a KEMP LoadMaster connected to three real servers with IIS. We noticed that although IIS is sending compressed responses (with gzip) and proper Content-Encoding header, the client browser is receiving uncompressed content with the Content-Encoding header removed.

If I connect to one of the real servers locally (bypassing the LoadBalancer) I can see that the browser is receiving proper compressed content with the correct headers. I verified using Failed request logging feature of IIS that compression is working fine for all the responses I have received in my browser as uncompressed.

I haven't enabled Compression or Caching in the LoadMaster, and I haven't created any content rules.

I can't find any configuration that would allow me to disable this behavior form the LoadMaster.

Is there any way to disable automatic decompression of content and removal of the Content-Encoding header in the LoadMaster?